Chungju WFG 2018

The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018


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Let's Go Together
For the future, to the world, much higher and further!

The time of enthusiasm and thrilling victory
The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018

Dear Firefighter,

It is with great honor that I express my heartfelt respect to all the fire fighters of the world for their continuous efforts at various domestic and national incidents, while also advocating safety both nationally and internationally. I am honored to inform you that the 13th World Firefighters Games will be held in Chungju next year.

The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju 2018, is an international sporting event where fire fighters from all over the world will come together to share their friendship and skills through sporting events. The games will be held from 10th Sep. to 17th Sep. 2018 in Chungju city, Chungcheongbuk-do province, located in the Republic of Korea.

Chungju is a luxury sport city which has optimal physical infrastructures and has had lots of experiences hosting successful international games which include the 2013 World Rowing Championships and the 2015 World Martial Arts Festival. Our sporting venues will provide great opportunities for competitors to demonstrate their abilities and skills.

The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju 2018 consists of 37 compulsory events including the Toughest Firefighter Alive, Track   Field and Marathon along with 37 Additional events, including Taekwondo and Korean Wrestling. It will be an event of harmony and festival where fire fighters and their families will be able to enjoy electrifying events and fantastic competitions together.

Once again, I deeply appreciate your dedication to the safety of lives and properties and it is with great pleasure that I invite you to the 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju 2018.

Most respectfully,

2018 Chungju World Firefighters Games Organizing Committee Co-chairperson

Jo Jong Mook, Lee Si Jong