Chungju WFG 2018

The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018

About WFG

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World Firefighters Games Western Australia Inc.

  • Concept : The World Firefighters games was established to promote international firefighting information exchange in addition to fostering friendship between current or Retired firefighters(including soldier) and their families through sports.
  • Ownership : World Firefighters Games Western Australia Inc.

World Firefighters Games Western Australia Inc.


  • Secretary general : John Hartley(Director)
  • Major activity content : World Firefighters Games manage and promotion of fire fighters welfare
  • Address : 24 Julian Way, Thornlie 6108, Western Australia
  • Contract number : Tel- 61-8 9493 3740/ Fax 61-8 9459 1187
  • Eligible Participants
    • Full time, volunteer, industrial and military fire service personnel, including retired firefighters and staff employed full time by a Fire Department or Brigade. Some events also include spouses of eligible participants. Participants must be over 18 years of age.
  • The objective of event : Normal traditional sports & Firefighter related sports
    • Events : More than 37 core competitions, depending on the condition of holding country (number of events is different for host country).
    • Process : Unlike elite sports events, firefighters from all over the world can participate in the event, rather than competition. In order to create a festive atmosphere, the competition differs according to age and gender.
  • The evaluation of event : Provides an opportunity to foster friendship with other firefighters' families all over the world, and to experience the culture and traditions of the host country.