Chungju WFG 2018

The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018


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Sports Festival in CHUNGJU
for the Firefighters all over the world

The combination of a strong silhouette of firefighters and a symbol of the world championship a combination of a speedy and dynamic globe in harmony symbolizing the Olympics of firefighters all over the world The shape of fire embracing the globe reveals the meaning of fire It symbolizes the enthusiastic appearance of the participating firefighters, the harmony of the firefighters and the sanctification of the festival. Overall, the application of red and blue symbolizes the color of the Tae-Geuk(symbol of Koean spirit).

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Character Introduction

As a humanoid character to protect the lives and property of the people from fire and disaster, it expresses a trustworthy and brave Korea firefighter wearing protective uniform, helmet, and boots, etc. At the same time, it means a firefighter who sacrifices and serves for the people as a popular and friendly image.

Origin of a word 'YoungUng-i'

It means a HERO who sacrifices and serves for the people as a safety guard responsible for safety. The name of the unified character is 'YoungUng-i', the female character of which is 'Young-i', and the male character is 'Ung-i'. It is a name that people can easily remember and call friendly.