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The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018


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  • Appropriate adjustments will be made according to the entries or absence thereof.
  • Final Decision : The final decision will be passed on events according to the entry reception results for the participating domestic/foreign teams.
    • Chess

      In the Chess event, games will be played using a 6-round Swiss confrontation system. There are both Junior and Open, and the event will take into account age groupings. This event will be separated into Beginners, Women, and Masters.

    • Climbing

      The Climbing Event will separate and classify participants by gender and age, and allows male/female individual (laddering/challenge) and team (speed) participation.

    • Cross Country

      The Cross Country event will involve going a length of approximately 12km for both men and women. This 12km course will involve 7km of ascent, 3km of descent, and 2km of flatland. Participants in this event will be divided and classified based on age (Open, Senior, Master) and gender.

    • Cycling(MTB)

      In the MTB Cycling event the uphill and downhill trails, which offer severe topographical ups and downs, become the stadium. The course length is 20km for men and women. This event will separate and classify participants by gender and age.

    • Cycling(Road)

      The Road Cycling event is a race done using road bicycles. The course length is 60km for men and women, and the event will separate and classify participants by gender and age.

    • Cycling(TT)

      The Time Trial Cycling event(speed racing) will take place on the road. All bicycles may be used, and the course length is 16km for both men and women. This event will be separated and classified by gender and age.

    • Darts

      In the Darts event, steel darts are thrown at a target. There are 3 event categories for Darts: 501 Open Out (Men), 301 Open Out (Women), and Cricket (Male/Female Co-ed 2-player).

    • Dragon Boats

      The Dragon Boats event involves 16 participants (including the Drummer) rowing to the sound of a drum and competing for top speed. The course is 500 meters long, and the event will be divided into Men's and Women's sections.

    • Fire Truck Challenge

      The Fire Truck Challenge involves adding penalty points for going off the course. There is no classification for age, however the event will be divided into 3 categories: Men, Women, and Foreign Participants.

    • Firefighters Cook-Off

      The Firefighters Cook-Off is a contest done with 2-person teams. Evaluation is done using standards such as the following: Setup/Cleanliness/Cooking Process/ Expression & Creativity/Taste. This event will divide participants up by Participating Country (Foreign), Korea, and Combined Countries.

    • Free Tennis

      The Free Tennis event will take place in a space about 1/10th the size of a Tennis court. The event will be done in a singles and doubles format with no classification for age.

    • Golf

      The Golf event is done in a 36-hole format. Additional prizes will be awarded for achievements such as a "Hole-In-One", "All Birdies", "All Bogeys", "Manners", "Best Dressed", "Longest", and "Nearest".

    • Horseshoes

      The Horseshoes event is one in which participants throw a horseshoe and try to catch it on a stake in the ground that is around 1kg. This event will be done in singles and doubles.

    • Inline Skating

      Individual participants for the Inline Skating event will be separated and classified by gender and age. This event consists of the Open Race (500m/1,000m), Point (3,000m), and 4-Person Co-ed Relay (2,000m).

    • Judo

      In the Judo event, participants will be broken up into weight classes. There will be one 5-minute round, and scoring will be based on effective moves, partial ippon, and full ippon. This event may only be participated in individually.