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The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018


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  • Appropriate adjustments will be made according to the entries or absence thereof.
  • Final Decision : The final decision will be passed on events according to the entry reception results for the participating domestic/foreign teams.
    • Karate

      The "Hyeong(Kata)" event is one in which participants use martial arts first established in Japan to do individual/group sparring or compete for motion and position.

    • Kayak

      The Kayak event will be classified by age/gender (Open and Master) and K1 (1-person)/K2 (2-person), etc. The length of the course is 200m.

    • Kick ball

      The Kick ball event allows participants the use of only their heads and feet. Only men may participate in this event, and there will be 2 categories: Senior (~39 years of age) and Master (40+).

    • Korean Wrestling

      The Korean Wrestling event is one in which participants attempt to break the equilibrium of their opponent using their hands and feet. There will be no classification for age, however male and female categories will be separate and men will be classified by weight class. Women will participate without the distinction of weight classes. There will be individual and team participation for this event.

    • Lawn Bowling

      The Lawn Bowling event involves first rolling the "Jack" (the object ball) and getting the ball near. There will be Men's and Women's Individual and Doubles (2-person, gender of no consequence) games. There will be no age classification for this event.

    • Marathon(Full,Half,10km,5km)

      The Marathon event classifies participants by gender and age. There are a total of 4 categories: Full (42.195km), Half (21.0975km), 10KM, and 5 KM.

    • Muster

      The Muster event involves athletes of all participating countries coming together in one place to showcase their countries' respective characteristics and symbols as well as put on a performance and parade to kick off the festival. This event is in place to signify that the festival has begun, and judges things such as the creativity of the main stadium opening in the opening ceremony, the creativity of the parade, audience response, and expressiveness. There are no particular rules for this event.

    • Orienteering

      Orienteering is a sport in which participants hold a map and compass and attempt to find their way to the final goal within a set amount of time. The game is done in a Point Orientereering method, and participants will be classified by gender and age(Open ~ Grand Master).

    • Paintball(SURVIVAL)

      This event is a survival game in which two teams of 10 people use a painted bullet. The winning team is the one with the most members left alive.

    • Poker

      The Poker event will be done using the "Texas Hold'em" format. There will be no distinctions for age or gender, and 1 table may seat 8~10 players,making up 1 team. Each player will be given 100 chips to start the game.

    • Power lifting

      The Power lifting Event, in which participants compete with one another using power lifting, will involve the Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift. Rankings will be decided by combining the weight lifted by each participant round by round. This event will separate and classify participants by age and gender.

    • Rowing(Indoor)

      The Rowing event uses rowing machines to race. This event allows individual (1,000m) and team (4-person, 2000m) participation. Weight classes will be used for individual participants.

    • Rowing(Lake)

      The Rowing event will be divided into two: Quadruple Scull and Coxed Four. The length of the course is 500m, and the event will divide up and classify participants based on gender and age.

    • Rugby(7-player)

      The Rugby event involves 7 players. The game is divided into two halves of 7 minutes each. There will be no classification for age, however this event will only accept male participants.

    • Sailing

      The Sailing event is a water race. Participants will line up freely at the starting line, then set sail on cue.