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The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018


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  • Appropriate adjustments will be made according to the entries or absence thereof.
  • Final Decision : The final decision will be passed on events according to the entry reception results for the participating domestic/foreign teams.
    • Cycling(TT)

      The Time Trial Cycling event(speed racing) will take place on the road. All bicycles may be used, and the course length is 16km for both men and women. This event will be separated and classified by gender and age.

    • Cycling(MTB)

      In the MTB Cycling event the uphill and downhill trails, which offer severe topographical ups and downs, become the stadium. The course length is 20km for men and women. This event will separate and classify participants by gender and age.

    • Cycling(Road)

      The Road Cycling event is a race done using road bicycles. The course length is 60km for men and women, and the event will separate and classify participants by gender and age.

    • Fire Truck Challenge

      The Fire Truck Challenge involves adding penalty points for going off the course. There is no classification for age, however the event will be divided into 3 categories: Men, Women, and Foreign Participants.

    • Squash

      The Squash event involves 11-point rallies and 5 sets. For individual participants, the event will be classified by age and gender. For team participants there will be no age or gender classification, allowing for mixed doubles.

    • Swimming(Indoor Pool)

      The Indoor Swimming event is a 4-swimmer relay for both men and women. The event is divided and classified according to age, and contains a 50~200m (personal freestyle only: 400m) freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and an individual medley race. The co-ed relay has 2 categories: Freestyle and Mixed.

    • Swimming(Open Water)

      The Open Water Swimming event is done on a 1500m-long boat race course, and all participants must wear a proper suit. Only individual entries are allowed for this competition, and participants will be separated and classified according to gender and age.

    • Swimming(Fin)

      The Fin Swimming event is divided into 3 categories: Surface Swimming, Underwater Swimming, and Relay Swimming. This event involves the usage of snorkels or other equipment according to the method of the race. Classifications are done by age and gender, and the race is unisex and done with 4 swimmers.

    • Water skiing

      The Water Skiing event is a sport that involves hanging onto a motor boat and skiing on water. The event is done using slalom skis and will be divided up and classified based on age and gender.

    • Water Rescue

      The stadium for the Water Rescue event offers a 2m-deep pool that spans 50m back and forth. The participants will attempt to bypass obstacles, rescue the 20kg Annie, and swim back 50m.

    • Water Polo

      As a ball game played in the water, the Water Polo event will involve four 5-minute periods (2 minute break time). The event will be played in teams, and only men may participate.

    • Korean Wrestling

      The Korean Wrestling event is one in which participants attempt to break the equilibrium of their opponent using their hands and feet. There will be no classification for age, however male and female categories will be separate and men will be classified by weight class. Women will participate without the distinction of weight classes. There will be individual and team participation for this event.

    • Baseball

      The Baseball event is a basic game of Baseball with 9 players forming 1 team. The game will be played to only 7 innings.

    • Archery

      The Archery event has each participant shoot 72 arrows over a distance of 72m, with rankings being decided on each participant's record total. There is no classification for age, however Men's and Women's competitions are separate. This event is done only individually.

    • Power lifting

      The Power lifting Event, in which participants compete with one another using power lifting, will involve the Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift. Rankings will be decided by combining the weight lifted by each participant round by round. This event will separate and classify participants by age and gender.