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The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018


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  • Appropriate adjustments will be made according to the entries or absence thereof.
  • Final Decision : The final decision will be passed on events according to the entry reception results for the participating domestic/foreign teams.
    • Sailing

      The Sailing event is a water race. Participants will line up freely at the starting line, then set sail on cue.

    • Wind Surfing

      The Wind Surfing event involves grabbing hold of a sail and maintaining equilibrium by maneuvering it appropriately with the strength of the wind. There is no classification for age, although the competition will be classified by gender.

    • Judo

      In the Judo event, participants will be broken up into weight classes. There will be one 5-minute round, and scoring will be based on effective moves, partial ippon, and full ippon. This event may only be participated in individually.

    • Track&Field

      The Track&Field event will separate and classify participants by age. In this event, there will be track and field games (High Jump, Pole Vault, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Hammer/Javelin Toss).

    • Orienteering

      Orienteering is a sport in which participants hold a map and compass and attempt to find their way to the final goal within a set amount of time. The game is done in a Point Orientereering method, and participants will be classified by gender and age(Open ~ Grand Master).

    • Climbing

      The Climbing Event will separate and classify participants by gender and age, and allows male/female individual (laddering/challenge) and team (speed) participation.

    • Inline Skating

      Individual participants for the Inline Skating event will be separated and classified by gender and age. This event consists of the Open Race (500m/1,000m), Point (3,000m), and 4-Person Co-ed Relay (2,000m).

    • Lawn Bowling

      The Lawn Bowling event involves first rolling the "Jack" (the object ball) and getting the ball near. There will be Men's and Women's Individual and Doubles (2-person, gender of no consequence) games. There will be no age classification for this event.

    • Tug Of War

      The Tug of War event will involve 8-person teams and will be done using weight classes. There will be 3 weight classes for this event: Male 640kg / Male No Limit / Co-ed 580kg (4 men, 4 women).

    • Rowing(Lake)

      The Rowing event will be divided into two: Quadruple Scull and Coxed Four. The length of the course is 500m, and the event will divide up and classify participants based on gender and age.

    • Rowing(Indoor)

      The Rowing event uses rowing machines to race. This event allows individual (1,000m) and team (4-person, 2000m) participation. Weight classes will be used for individual participants.

    • Kick ball

      The Kick ball event allows participants the use of only their heads and feet. Only men may participate in this event, and there will be 2 categories: Senior (~39 years of age) and Master (40+).

    • Triathlon

      The Triathlon event is divided up and classified by age and gender. In the Triathlon there will be 3 events: Swimming (1.5km), Cycling (40km), and Running (10km).

    • Toughest Firefighter challenge

      Toughest Firefighter challenge is an event that pits participants against each other for the title of "Toughest Firefighter Alive". Only firefighters may participate in this event. There will be a 4-stage course, working as follows: Hose Pulling → Obstacle Course → Tower → Stair Climbing. Participants in this event will be separated and classified by age and gender.

    • Soccer(11-player)

      The 11-man Soccer event will have the first and second halves last for 2~30 minutes each. Only men may participate in this event.