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The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018


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  • Appropriate adjustments will be made according to the entries or absence thereof.
  • Final Decision : The final decision will be passed on events according to the entry reception results for the participating domestic/foreign teams.
    • Toughest Firefighter Alive

      Toughest Firefighter Alive is an event that pits participants against each other for the title of "Toughest Firefighter Alive". Only firefighters may participate in this event. There will be a 4-stage course, working as follows: Hose Pulling → Obstacle Course → Tower → Stair Climbing. Participants in this event will be separated and classified by age and gender.

    • Track&Field

      The Track&Field event will separate and classify participants by age. In this event, there will be track and field games (High Jump, Pole Vault, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Hammer/Javelin Toss).

    • Treasure Hunt

      This game is to let the players with a map and compass go through several spots in a mountain to reach the final destination within a time limit. This game adopts a score-orienteering rule.

    • Triathlon

      The Triathlon event is divided up and classified by age and gender. In the Triathlon there will be 3 events: Swimming (1.5km), Cycling (40km), and Running (10km).

    • Tug Of War

      The Tug of War event will involve 8-person teams and will be done using weight classes. There will be 3 weight classes for this event: Male 640kg / Male No Limit / Co-ed 580kg (4 men, 4 women).

    • Volleyball(2 on 2)

      The Beach Volleyball event is done in a 2 vs 2 format on sand. There are a total of 3 categories for this event: Men's, Women's, and Unisex.

    • Volleyball(6 on 6)

      The Indoor Volleyball event is done with 6 entries (maximum of twelve). There is no classification for age, however the event is divided into Men's and Women's games.

    • Water Polo

      As a ball game played in the water, the Water Polo event will involve four 5-minute periods (2 minute break time). The event will be played in teams, and only men may participate.

    • Water Rescue

      The stadium for the Water Rescue event offers a 2m-deep pool that spans 50m back and forth. The participants will attempt to bypass obstacles, rescue the 20kg Annie, and swim back 50m.

    • Water skiing

      The Water Skiing event is a sport that involves hanging onto a motor boat and skiing on water. The event is done using slalom skis and will be divided up and classified based on age and gender.

    • Wind Surfing

      The Wind Surfing event involves grabbing hold of a sail and maintaining equilibrium by maneuvering it appropriately with the strength of the wind. There is no classification for age, although the competition will be classified by gender.

    • Wrestling

      The Wrestling event will be divided into two 3-minute rounds. The event is done with men competing in Greco-Roman Wrestling and Freestyle Wrestling within their weight classes. Women will compete in Freestyle wrestling within their weight classes. There will be no classification for age in this event.