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The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018

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Location Stadium Name Events 9
Events 75 1 16 18 20 20 23 18 8 4
Chungju Korea National University of Transportation Gymnasium 2         Wrestling   Tug of War
Suanbo Physical Activity Park 1   Kick Ball              
Daeyoung Base Club 1     Golf          
Dojanggol Fishing Hole 1     Angling(Native Species)            
Hoam-ji Pond 1       Angling(Introduced Species)          
Crystal Bowling Center 1       Bowling        
Tangeumdae Soccer Field / Suanbo Physical Activity Park 1       Soccer(11)    
Tangeumdae Futsal Field 1   Soccer(6)            
Suanbo Rock Wall 1           Climbing    
Chungju Multi-sports Town start 4                 Marathon
Tangeum Lake International Rowing Regatta (Lakeside road) 1         Cycling(TT)        
Chungju Yachting Course 2     Sailing Wind Surfing      
Chungju Gymnasium 1             Basketball(3)  
2     Basketball(5) Table Tennis  
Chungju-si Lawn Bowl Court 1       Lawn Bowls      
Chungju Women's Cultural Center 1   Firehouse Cook-off              
Chungju Sports Complex 2 Muster           Track & Field Closing Ceremony
Chungju Sports Complex Auxiliary Stadium 1           Boxing  
2       Horse Shoes     Bucket Brigade
Chungju Fire Station Conference Room.3rd 2   Chess   Pocker      
Chungjuho Lake Jongdaeng-i-gil 1             Cross Country    
Kingkong Billiard Hall 1     Billiards(Carom)        
Tangeumdae Terrace Park 1             Orienteering,
Treasure Hunt
Tanguem Leports Park - Baseball Field 2   Baseball   Softball  
Tanguem Leports Park - nline Skating Field 1         Inline Skating      
Tanguem Leports Park - Ssireum Field 1         Korean Wrestling      
Tanguem Leports Park - Tennis Field 1     Tennis    
Tangeum Lake International Rowing Regatta 5   Kayak   Rowing(Lake)   Dragon boats Swimming(Open Water) Triathlon  
Tangeum Lake International Rowing Regatta (indoor) 1       Rowing(Indoor)      
Dalcheon Water-ski Resort 1         Water Skiing      
Fl. 2nd. Ho-am 2 Gymnasium 3   Badminton   Darts Free Tennis    
Fl. 1st. Ho-am 2 Gymnasium 1   Power Lifting              
Ho-am Art Hall 2     Body Building Arm Wrestling          
Ho-am Gymnasium 3   Welcome Dinner   Volleyball(6) Volleyball(2)  
Chungju Cityhall F1.2nd 1       Baduk        
Chungju Sports Complex 1           Billiards(Pocket)    
Cheongju Cheongju Sports Training Center 1   Squash            
Cheongju Inside Swimming Pool 2   Swimming(Indoor) Swimming(Fin)        
Cheongju Shooting Range 4           Shooting(4events)    
Chungcheongbuk-do Youth Gymnasium 1               Water Polo  
Kim Soo-nyung Archery Center 1   Archery            
Cheongju Judo Center 1             Judo    
Olympic Memorial Civic Center 1   Taekwondo            
Republic of Korea Air Force Academy 1   Rugby            
Jecheon Jecheon Mountains Experience Center 1     Paintball            
Daewon Unversity Colleague 1         Karate    
Eumseong Korea Fire Institute (Firefighting Equipment Center) 2   Fire Truck Chanllenge   Toughest Firefighter Alive(TFA)
Gamgok Sports Park 1   Baseball          
Danyang Mt. Worak National Park, Jebibong 1     Stair Run            
Danyang Youth Training Center – Indoor Swimming Pool 1           Water Rescue      
Goesan Goesan MTB Bike Track 1     Cycling(MTB)            
Goesan↔Yeonpug Road 1       Cycling(Road)        

※ Stadiums may be subject to changes.