The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018

Opening Ceremony

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  • Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

This expresses that the world firefighters participating in the games are united on the theme of 'meeting of friendship and harmony of firefighters all over the world'.

  • Date&Time

    Sun, Sep. 9th, 2018 starting 5:00 pm

  • Venue

    Chungju Sports Complex

  • Programmes
    • Part1(17:00~19:00) : Celebration Flight, Muster, Korea Traditional Performance, Taekwondo Performance
    • Part2(19:00~20:30) : Opening Declaration, Theme Performance
    • Part3(20:30~21:30) : K-pop Performance and Fireworks etc.

Detailed Schedule

개막식 세부일정
Subject Part Concept Time Contents
The Prelude of Heroes Part 1 Celebration Flight 17:00~17:20 Celebration Flight by Black Eagles (Republic Of Korea AirForce)
Muster ‘Steps of Firefighters’ 17:20~18:10 Police Motorcycles → Korea Traditional Marching Band → Mounted Firefighters → Army Marching Band, Participants Entrance by Country
(Waving a flag and Country Introduction)
Celebration Performances 18:10~18:25 Promotional Video of Chungcheongbuk-do and Chungju-si(LED)
18:25~18:40 ‘Ureuk’ Korean Traditional Arts Orchestra and Taekkyeon Performance (Theme : Making a Fire In the Chungju, Center of the Korea)
18:40~19:00 Honor Guard and Taekwondo Performance of The First Army Command
Part 2 ‘Heroes for all of us’ 19:00~19:05 VIP’s admittance
19:05~19:35 Theme Perform(SUPER HERO’S RISING)
19:35~19:36 Opening
19:36~19:43 National Flag Raising Ceremony(National Anthem)
19:43~19:50 Color Guard Entrance
19:50~19:53 Opening Address (Executive Director of WFG Inc.)
19:53~19:55 Opening Declaration (Commissioner of Korea Fire Service)
19:55~20:00 WFG Flag Raising
20:00~20:05 Welcoming Speech (Mayor of the Chungju-si)
20:05~20:10 Opening Speech (Governor of Chungcheongbuk-do)
20:10~20:15 Congratulatory Message(VIP)
20:15~20:20 Oath(Athletes & Judgements)
20:20~20:30 Lighting the WFG Flame
Part 3 ‘Flaming Heart You go! We go!’ 20:30~21:15 K-pop Performances
(Promotional Ambassador Hong Jin-Young and 3 K-pop Musicians)
21:15~21:30 Fireworks all over the Stadium