The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018

Cultural Event (Games Village)

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Cultural Events

The cultural events are the main activity where firefighters gather together during the games but only ID card holders such as athletes, family members, and friends are allowed to join the events.

Chungju Ureuk Cultural Festival

  • It is a representative art culture festival that has been ongoing with Chungju's history and tradition for 46 years with voluntary arts and culture activities of local artists who started in 1971 in order to find the roots and identity of Jungwon art culture.
  • Program
    • Performance : Traditional Music, Dance, Concert, Gilnori (Welcoming Parade), Nongyo (Farmers' Song), Boatman's Song, etc.
    • Exhibition : Photo Exhibition, Calligraphy Exhibition, Poetry & Painting Exhibition etc.
    • Various Experience Booths

Games Village

  • Period : Sep. 10th(Mon) ~ 16th(Sun), 2018
  • Venue : Chungju Sports Complex - Outside Plaza

Detailed Schedule

문화행사(게임빌리지) 세부일정
Subject Contents
19:00~19:30 19:30~20:00 20:00~20:30 20:30~21:00
1st Day (9/10)
Welcome to Korea
K-POP Dance performance K-POP Dance performance
2nd Day (9/11)
Korean Matial Arts!
Jump Super Power!
(Taekwondo perfomance)
Ikeu Ekeu!
(matial art performance)
3rd Day (9/12)
Fireman World music Festival Heart saver (Musical) Fireman
4th Day (9/13)
Beat! Beat!
Fantastic Fusion Super Beat!
(Korean Music Band)
(Korean Traditional Percussion)
Fantastic Fusion
5th Day (9/14)
Korean Traditional Melody
Only You Ureuk’s Melody LED Fan Dance Performance Only You
6th Day (9/15)
Let’s Dance!
Dance, if you love Next Host’s Cultural Performance Next Host’s Cultural Performance Dance, if you love
7th Day (9/16)
Autumn nightin Korea
‘Pang’show Hero (Popera) Super Melody!
(Electronic Strings)
  • Cultural Experience
    • Traditional Culture Experience : Samulnori(Korean Traditional Percussion Quartet), Haegeum Lesson, Traditional Play Experience
    • Making Korean Food Experience : Making a Rice cake with Injeolmi, Making Dasik(Korean Tea Confectionery)
    • K-Buety Experience : Hand Care, Foot Care, Sports Massage ‧ Oriental Medicine Experience : The Association of Korean Medicine's Medicine Experience
    • Oriental Medicine Experience : The Association of Korean Medicine’s Medical Experience
  • Beer Festival : It can be enjoyed in conjunction with cultural performances. The food court is composed of beer-matching food (Korean-style chicken, etc.).