The 13th World Firefighters Games Chungju, 2018

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Detailed Schedule

부대행사 세부일정
Schedule Event names Venue
9.10(Mon)~9.11(Tue) 2018 Korea Firefighting Techniques Competition Opening Ceremony, EMS contest, Firefighter Best Body Competition, Volunteer Firefighter Techniques Competition Chungju Sports Complex
Fire Suppression & Tactics Chungju Sports Complex
TFA(Toughest Firefighter Alive), Rescue Tactics Korea Fire Institute(Eumseong)
9.12(Wed)~9.13(Thu) 30th 119 Fire Policy Conference Construction Management Training Centre
9.12(Wed)~9.13(Thu) 1st Fire Protection Policy International Symposium IBK Training Centre
9.14(Fri) Emergency Medical Service Conference IBK Training Centre
9.11(Tue) National Firefighters Workshop
*Topic : To improve the health management system
Tangeumho International Rowing Venue
9.10(Mon) Assosiation of National Volunteer Fire Brigade Executive Conference Tangeumho International Rowing Venue
9.10(Mon)~9.12(Wed) Hazardous Material Seminar Tangeumho International Rowing Venue
9.13(Thu) Fire Research Institute Meeting
*Topic : Strengthen overseas support service
Tangeumho International Rowing Venue
9.10(Mon) 2018 International Fire Investigation Conference Hoam Arts Centre
9.10(Mon)~9.11(Tue) Firefighting Drone Contest Chungju Sports Complex
9.10(Mon)~9.12(Wed) Demonstration of Search & Rescue Dog Chungju Sports Complex
9.12(Wed) 3rd Global Firefighters Praise Festival Chungju Hyosung Church
9.17(Mon)~9.18(Tue) National 119 Firefighting Children's Song Contest Chungju Student Hall
9.11(Tue) Chungcheongbuk-do Local Recipe Contest Chungju Sports Complex
9.13(Thu)~9.16(Sun) 'Ureuk' Cultural Festival Chungju International Martial Arts Park