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Herzlich Willkommen zur 13. Internationalen Feuerwehrwettkämpfe Chungju 2018.

About Chungju

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대한민국의 중심, 머물수록 매력있는 충주

Good Chungju

Located in the central part of the Korean peninsula, Chungju is the hub of the Jungwon culture and tradition. In addition, it is a sports city which has excellent physical training infrastructure based on the experience of hosting successful international games such as the 2013 World Rowing Championship and the 2015 World Martial Arts Festival.

  • Population209,000
  • Area984㎢
  • Average Annual Temperature / Precipitation19.3℃ / 147.6mm
  • Environment-Friendly Industrial City

    Chungju is an environment-friendly industrial city with abundant natural resources and excellent industrial base. It also has the best traffic network running in all directions because of geographical advantage.
  • Culture & Resort City

    Chungju has outstanding cultural heritage such as Jungwon Goguryeo Stele as well as a clean natural environment such as Chungju Lake, Mt. Worak and Suanbo springs.
  • Venue of the 2013 World Rowing Championships

    Chungju hosted the 2013 World Rowing Championships successfully with its optimal environment for water sports in harmony with nature.