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Herzlich Willkommen zur 13. Internationalen Feuerwehrwettkämpfe Chungju 2018.

Honorary Ambassador

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홍보대사 홍진영

Honorary ambassador : Hong Jin Young(Singer)

  • Resolution
    I am honored to be selected as ambassador for the 2018 Chungju World Firefighters Games. Global firefighters Olympic! I am dedicated to ensuring the success of the Chungju World Firefighters Games.
  • Appointment date : 2017.11.23
  • Profile
    • Teuroteu Music award of MAMA(Mnet Asian Music Awards)(2009)
    • Rookie award of 17th Culture &Art awards adult-pop sector(2010)
    • Best singer award of 12th Korea traditional song awards(2012)
    • Best singer award of MBC Entertainment awards variety show sector(2014)
    • Best teuroteu award of 29th Golden disk awards(2015)
    • Music style award of 7th Melon music awards teuroteu sector(2015)
    • Teuroteu award of 25th High One seoul music awards(2016)
    • Music style award of 8th Melon music awards teuroteu sector(2016)
    • Music style award of 9th Melon music awards teuroteu sector(2017)